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The League Insider Launched

The first issue of the League Insider – the weekly bulletin of the Scottish Football League – is now available free to download.

This bulletin will provide supporters and the media on a weekly basis with detailed statistical information on every match played in the IRN-BRU SFL Championship fixture card together with a comprehensive update of cumulative stats including leading scorers, current form, disciplinary details, attendances and much more.

“The League Insider” will appear on the SFL’s website each Thursday and will allow football fans and the media alike an opportunity to obtain a detailed insight into the week’s build-up to all of the action in the IRN-BRU SFL Championship. The three Divisions are already shaping up to be extremely competitive and this new feature will allow you the opportunity to follow the progress of all SFL clubs during the course of the season.

The Scottish Football League is currently in the process of revamping the content and design of its official website. Watch this space for further information regarding the various new features that will be added to the SFL’s official website during the coming weeks.

To read the first issue click here.