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Match On

Today’s match is presently ON. No pitch inspection has been called. After the torrential rain in the Central belt, the pitch is heavy but is playable.

Billy Reid commented, “I’ve just been out on the pitch and I’m 90% sure the game will go ahead. The only reason for doubt is what the weather will do between now and kick off, for example if it turns into a monsoon as it did before St Mirren then obviously it would jeopordise the match”.

Billy continued, “But at 10.45am, the pitch is playable there is no need to call for a local ref because he would say the same thing at present. I’m pleased to see that the weather has improved and as far as I’m concerned its all systems go for the game unless overhead conditions deteriorate greatly”.

Clyde fans are reminded that it is pay at the gate. Some tickets for the South Stand are still available for Falkirk fans and will be sold until 12 noon at the Falkirk stadium.

The situation is however being closely monitored and any change would be relayed to all media outlets and the website as soon as possible but with the weather having improved it would seem likely that the match will go ahead unless there is a dramatic late deterioration.

The Falkirk FC website will also keep supporters up to date regarding the situation.

All fans are reminded that there is a special Clyde View Cup Programme, featuring interviews with Billy Reid, John Sludden, Aron Wilford, Brian Rice and Andy Lawrie as well as all the usual Clyde View features.