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A Message From The Bbc

Sat, 6th Nov 2004 12:00am

Football Focus asked you to nominate your club's cult heroes.
We received thousands of emails and Clyde's top three, as chosen by you, were:
Neilly Hood
Danny Masterton
Archie Robertson

Now we want you to honour one of these players with the title of Clyde's all-time cult hero.
To vote, simply text the player's SURNAME to 81111. We will reveal the winner on Saturday's Football Focus.
Operators' standard text rates apply.


"A scorer with attitude. He hit them from anywhere, and they usually went in. Aggressive, not scared to jump with any defender."
- Martin Brown

"One of the bravest players I have ever seen in a Clyde jersey. He would run through a brick wall for you and he had a great rapport with the fans."
- David McLean

To vote for Neilly Hood text HOOD to 81111.

"He was lazy, needed to be in the mood but was magnificent when he was."
- Harry Paterson

"Was a goal-scoring machine. He didn't do much during a lot of games, but when he did he would just come to life and would finish up bagging a hat-trick. I liked the story from (former manager) Craig Brown, on the eve of a cup tie that was being moved to a Sunday. Now, everybody knew big Danny liked a drink and Brown warned him not to go out drinking on the Saturday night. His reported reply is a classic: "Don't worry boss, my night's a Friday!"
- David McLean

To vote for Danny Masterton text MASTERTON to 81111.

"Robertson played inside left and used to play from a deep position. He was the 'brains' of the great Clyde team in the late 50s which won the Scottish Cup in 1958 and took three points off a Hearts team which won the League by the proverbial mile that year. His passing was superb, especially his long passes. He could read a game, exposed the opposition's weaknesses and helped Tommy Ring become a successful left winger."
- Adrian McQueen

"Archie is the only player to score a goal in a Scottish Cup final from a corner. It was disallowed. He then took the corner again - and again scored! The referee had to allow it. Two corners, two goals, against Celtic in a cup final. We won!"
- Liz Waddell

"Great player, complete gentleman. Sheer skill, allied to great modesty. A role model who should be a cult figure!"
- Jackie Brown

To vote for Archie Robertson text ROBERTSON to 81111