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Tour of South Africa 0 v 0 Clyde

Match Type: Friendly
Venue: South Africa
Date: Saturday, 3rd May 1947
Kick Off: 12:00am
Tour of South Africa

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CLYDE TOURING SQUAD: Bill Sweeney, John Duffy, Walter Galbraith, Jimmy Campbell, Frank McCormack, Hugh Long, Peter Galletly, John Hepburn, Alec Gourlay, Ralph Agnew, John Neilson, John Riley, Arthur Dixon, Andy McGill, Hugh Cameron.


3rd May at Bulawayo - 1-1 vs Southern Rhodesia (Agnew)

10th May at Johannesburg - 1-0 vs Southern Transvaal (Neilson)

15th May at Port Elizabeth - 5-2 vs Eastern Province (Dixon x2, Neilson x2, Riley)

17th May at East London - 8-3 vs Frontier (Neilson x4, Riley x3, Dixon)

21st May at Oudtshoorn - 6-0 vs South-West Districts (Gourlay x3, Neilson x2, Hepburn)

24th May at Cape Town - 3-4 vs Western Province (Hepburn x2, Riley)

28th May at Bloemfontein - 3-2 vs Orange Free State (Galletly, Dixon, Riley)

31st May at Durban - 4-1 vs Natal (Agnew x2, Dixon, Neilson)

4th June at Pietermaritzburg - 2-0 vs Natal (Galletly, Neilson)

7th June at Johannesburg - 0-3 vs Southern Transvaal

11th June at Benoni - 2-1 vs Eastern Transvaal (Neilson, Dixon)

14th June at Pretoria - 2-0 vs Northern Transvaal (Neilson x2)

18th June at Durban - 1-1 vs Natal (Hepburn)

21st June at Johannesburg - 3-1 vs South African XI (Neilson x2, Dixon)

24th June at Kimberley - 5-0 vs Griqualand West (Cameron x2, Riley x2, Neilson)

28th June at Durban - 1-0 vs South African XI (Neilson)

2nd July at Cape Town - 5-0 vs Western Province (Neilson x2, Agnew, Dixon, Riley)

5th July at Cape Town - 2-0 vs South African XI (Dixon x2)

9th July at Vereeniging - 2-0 vs Southern Transvaal (Hepburn, Galletly)

13th July at N'Kana - 8-0 vs Northern Rhodesia