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Oban Tournament 0 v 0 Clyde

Match Type: Friendly
Venue: Oban
Date: Saturday, 13th July 2002
Kick Off: 10:30am
Oban Tournament

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by Graham Forrest

After 3 years, Clyde finally handed over the Oban trophy to someone else - Hearts. The weather was good and it was another enjoyable day out for the respectable Clyde support despite the slightly disappointing standard of football. Clyde started slowly but finished strongly, winning their last 2 games comfortably.

Hearts fielded a strong looking under-21 squad, Inverness had a strong side out and Nairn and Oban had full teams on show. There were notible returns for Andy McClay and Andy Kane, and both visibly improved as the day went on. Leigh Hinds, Stevie Convery, Mark McLaughlin and Willie Falconer were missing for The Bully Wee but numerous under-18 players made encouraging appearances. None of the three trialist that appeared at Livingston played as all have now left the club (see seperate story).


Oban 0 v 1 Hearts

Nairn County 0 v 0 Clyde
Clyde Team:- Halliwell, Mensing, Potter, Smith, McClay, Ross, Dunn, Millen, Keogh, A.Kane, Hagen.

Hearts 1 v 0 Inverness
Oban 0 v 1 Nairn County

Clyde 0 v 0 Hearts
Clyde Team:- Halliwell, Mensing, Gilhaney, Smith, Fraser (Reid), P.Kane, Dunn, Millen, Keogh, A.Kane, Ross.

Oban 0 v 0 Inverness
Inverness 1 v 0 Nairn County

Oban 0 v 2 Clyde (Keogh 2)
Clyde Team:- Halliwell (sub GK?), Potter, Smith, Gilhaney, Baird, McClay, P.Kane, Reid, Keogh, Hagen, McGlinchey.

Nairn County 0 v 1 Hearts

Inverness 0 v 2 Clyde (A.Kane 2)
Clyde Team:- Halliwell, Mensing, Potter, Millen, McClay, Ross (McGlinchey), Dunn, Reid, A.Kane (Baird), P.Kane, Hagen.


Team P W D L Pts GD

Hearts 4 3 1 0 10 +3
CLYDE 4 2 2 0 8 +4
Nairn C 4 1 1 2 4 -1
Inverness 4 1 1 2 4 -2
Oban 4 0 1 3 1 -4