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Clyde FC Ownership Registration

A Football Club should be owned and influenced by its supporters

Sign up and make a genuine difference to Clyde Football Club by taking part in the big decisions about the direction of your Club.

In 2010, Clyde FC returned to where it began in the 1870s, as a sports Club owned by its supporters and dedicated to working within its community. The move to a Community Interest Company gives those who signed up as Owners of Clyde a meaningful say in the running of the Club.

Clyde FC Ownership - Continued Benefits

  • Equal Vote
  • Part of a democratic process to adopt Club policy
  • Invite to Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Exclusive invite to manager's Q&A sessions
  • Listed on Clyde website as a Club Owner
  • Access to Owner's Forum on Clyde website
  • Access to Owner's Q&A section on Clyde Website
  • Owner's Man of the Match voting

Clyde FC Ownership - New Benefits

  • Voting on club kits for season 2021-22
  • Priority for matchday tickets if required
  • Draw for two Boardroom passes for each home match
  • Draw to present an end of season award
  • Monthly email club update
  • Quarterly financial update

Purchase or Renew an Ownership

There are three ways to purchase a new ownership or renew an existing ownership:-

Equality at all times.