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Clyde FC Ownership Registration

A football Club should be owned by its supporters and influenced by its supporters

Sign up and make a genuine difference to Clyde Football Club by taking part in the big decisions about the direction of your Club.

Nine years ago, Clyde FC returned to where it began in the 1870s, as a sports Club owned by its supporters and dedicated to working within its community. The move to a Community Interest Company in 2010 gave those who signed up as Owners of Clyde FC a meaningful say in the running of the Club.

That's because:

  • Owners have a vote, and every vote is equal, so your vote really counts
  • Owners are part of the democratic process that adopts Club policy
  • The Clyde FC ‘Articles of Association’ guarantee transparency and accountability in the running of the Club.
  • Ownership also includes access to the Owners’ section of the Club’s official website (, which includes access to a dedicated Owners’ Q & A Section
  • All Owners are listed on the website

Supporter Ownership – Share the Passion

  • Ownership in something you love and care about… it gives you a sense of belonging
  • Supporters know more about their Club than anyone else, so why should they not influence it?
  • Nobody gives more than supporters, so why should they not have a real voice in the direction of their Club?
  • Football Clubs need assets; supporter ownership can protect the assets of the Club from being sold or mortgaged for short term gain
  • Help build on the foundations by becoming a volunteer
  • Contribute your talents and support in new and different ways
  • Invite other others to join in Clyde FC’s footballing community
  • Share in the excitement of achieving together

Purchase or Renew an Ownership

There are three ways to purchase a new ownership or renew an existing ownership:-

Equality at all times.