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World Cup Winners Set For Broadwood !!!

Thanks to McDonalds, Clyde are set to be host to World cup winners at Broadwood next season. The club was thrilled with the news that season ticket holder Connor Gray, 6, has won McDonald’s World Cup mascot competition and will be appearing at the World Cup Final on July 9. Connor stays near Broadwood and he has quickly become a Bully Wee fan.

Connor, who has already bought his season ticket for season 2006/07 (priced £5 for all under 12s), entered the competition when he was out shopping with his Dad, Andrew, at the Parkhead Forge and to the family’s shock and delight a letter arrived three weeks ago to confirm Connor’s place in the World Cup Final line up.

Connor is no stranger to high profile games having previously been mascot for the Clyde Celtic game at Broadwood this year and he is certainly looking forward to it “I’m so excited, I can’t wait. I’ve woken up early every morning since I won thinking about it. I want Ukraine to win but I think Brazil will do it. I don’t want England in the final. I don’t want them to win.”

Regardless of who wins the tournament, Connor and his dad will certainly have a tale to tell to all their fellow Clyde fans when they appear at Broadwood next season as Cumbernauld’s very own World cup winners!