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View From The Dug Outs

After today’s cup stalemate both managers spoke to the website. Clyde boss Graham Roberts was first to react: “We played with three players today. I think we under performed by 60%. Give Gretna their due, they worked hard and could have scored three or four goals in the first half. They had chances but we threw bodies in the way but that’s what you have to do. They didn’t create anything in the second half and we had two or three chances. Anyone can play in front of you. It’s trying to get behind you that hurts and in the second half they didn’t do that.”

“We had to kick backsides at half-time and I’ve lost my voice again! But it was McKeown Bryson and Brighton who were our best players by far.”

“As for the sendings off, well I must watch a different game. I’ve got to be careful as I don’t want to give money to SFA but the match was spoiled by harsh decisions. We are going to appeal against the red Alex received. I just saw it on TV and their lad took a swipe at Alex. Alex didn’t do anything but the referee said it was retaliation.”

“Gretna are a tough side though. When they come up next year they won’t get any easy games. We didn’t turn up in the first half, turned up in the second half and worked very hard. Tom should have scored, Stephen should have played the ball later to Joe. But I know 7 more players for us will turn up next time”

“But we are still in it fighting away and I’m sure Rangers and Aberdeen would have liked to have been in the cup draw tonight.”

Rowan Alexander offered his opinion:
“We can take positives from the game. The players were magnificent, very strong and very capable of hurting Clyde today.”

“I felt before David Graham had to go off, our analysis prior to the game was highlighted by the brightness and sharpness of Graham and James Grady in getting behind their defence. It allowed us to create the far better chances hence the reason I picked David Graham instead of Kenny Deuchar. We knew if we could reduce their touches in the middle of park, get down the sides of them, we could hurt them getting balls in the box and create chances

“As for the decision to leave Deuchar out I’m here to do a job. If Alex Ferguson can leave Van Nistelrooy on the bench then Rowan Alexander can leave Kenny Deuchar out of the starting eleven. It was a tactical change. Before the game we knew if we could match and better their work ethic then we had the quality in our side to get something from the game. It was evident today the quality that we have in the team.”

“As for the sendings off, I think the first one was justified. I think it was for the reaction from Chris and I have no argument and neither does Chris.”