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Chairman’S Letter To The Daily Record

Clyde Chairman William Carmichael wrote the following letter to the Daily Record last week in response to the story Hugh Keevins wrote about financial difficulties at the club.

8th March 2002

Dear Sir,

Daily Record 7th March 2002

Article:’ Union demanding SPL action to stop First Division meltdown’

Following the appearance of the foregoing article in yesterday’s Daily Record, I telephoned its author, Hugh Keevins, to complain about the defamatory inaccuracies of its references to Clyde Football Club.

The article featured a prominent photograph of Brain Carrigan with the words ‘BOUNCED CHEQUE’ in bold print within it. The text referring to the photograph read ‘Clyde’s Brian Carrigan marks a hat trick against Falkirk despite not having received his wages.’

That assertion is totally untrue. Clyde F.C. has always ensured and will continue to ensure that the wages due to its playing and administrative staff are met.

While your article was generally welcome about the basic financial and economic problems that beset Scottish football, you will appreciate that it can only serve to make Clyde’s trading position more difficult and impair its ability to attract players in the future.

I must therefore ask that you print a full retraction of the article’s reference to Clyde F.C. and in particular the reference to Brian Carrigan that received such prominence.

Yours faithfully

W.B. Carmichael
Chairman, Clyde Football Club