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FAQs - Project Braver

Providing a pathway for a career in and out of football

How do I get on the course?

To apply for the course, please complete the application form and upload any video footage of you playing football, along with your CV. Successful applicants will then be invited to play in a trial match where a number of players will be chosen to enter the course.

How do I get into the Clyde first team?

Simple; if you are good enough then you will get your chance. Clyde manager, Danny Lennon, will be working closely alongside the under-23 coach and will be aware of how each player is performing.

How will the course benefit me?

The course will give participants the best possibility to progress as a footballer and student by focussing on what is required to reach their potential.

Where is the course based?

The course is based predominantly at Broadwood Stadium, with access to the main NCL campus in Cumbernauld if required.

How many hours will I attend college?

Full-time education whilst at college is 18 hours a week, which is split over three days (9am-4pm). The days in college will be selected to maximise the training contact for students while also ensuring they get adequate rest and recovery.

What courses can I study?           

There are a number of courses available to study alongside the football training commitments. For a full list of the courses available please visit the New College Lanarkshire website:

Do I have to study?

Education isn’t for everyone which is why we can also provide players with an alternative route to education. In partnership with Advance Construction, we can offer players the chance to learn a trade via an apprenticeship. Additionally, if the player wishes to work for a different prospective employer, they can do so on the basis that the employer allows the player to train with Clyde FC on a Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

What are the age restrictions?

This course is open for 16-23 year olds.

When do the courses begin?

Courses begin in August 2018