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Sunday, 18th October 2009
The Trust Board were today advised by long serving director John Woods that he has decided to stand down from his role.

John said that following events at the Stenhousemuir game when he became involved in an exchange with the ‘Brown must go’ protestors, he had concluded that whilst he was attending the match as an individual and not in any official Trust capacity he recognised that his actions were inappropriate and reflected on his role as a member of the Trust Board and as such he tendered his resignation, which has since been accepted.
John extended an apology to the Trust for any embarrassment caused, and also to supporters in general for not engaging appropriately to express his views.

On behalf of the Board, Trust Chair John Alexander wished to extend thanks to John for his years of tireless effort and enthusiasm which have contributed extensively to the activities of club and Trust alike. John was instrumental in the implementation of the very successful Trust Lottery, he has been a feature of organising the annual Sportsmen’s Dinner and many will recognise him as having been involved in working around the stadium whether it is car parking duties, selling 50/50’s or any number of activities including re-establishing the community football teams after the club decided to dispense with the services of Jim Strathdee.

For all of these efforts and more, John deserves the thanks of every Clyde Supporter.

The Board are aware that John has not endeared himself to everyone; John has come in for criticism on more than one occasion from members and non members alike. As is the way of things, those that do very little, come in for very little criticism - this was never going to apply to John whose action oriented approach and forthright manner would not find favour with everyone.

The integrity shown by John to recognise his misjudgement of last week and stand down should be applauded, he is left very sad, but conscious that his decision is the right one.

The Trust Board asks that all Clyde supporters give John the support and recognition that he deserves for his work for our club. Whilst John will step back from some of the more time consuming activities, he has stressed his intention to continue to support the Trust as much as he is able. The Board remain appreciative of this commitment and shows John to be a breed apart from those that leave office and subsequently cease to contribute in any way.

John Alexander commented that the Club, and indeed the Trust, have never been best at openly recognising the efforts of the many volunteers around the club, whether selling lottery tickets every week, coaching kids on the South Side, organising match mascots, kids crew volunteers, running our youth system, assisting with kit, managing board room guests, providing internal security or even being Domino – all for nothing, just for the club. This means that many, like John, are not recognised for what they do.

There are many supporters that were unhappy with John last week, the Trust Board ask that they acknowledge John’s, apology, his sacrifice in resigning, and most of all his efforts for our club.


Thursday, 8th October 2009
Some fans have expressed disappointment that the Trust has been silent on the concerns of fans over recent results.

Are we satisfied with current results or performances? No, and we have expressed our views directly to the club board. However, our priority remains saving Clyde. As a Trust we are working with the club’s board and other stakeholders to ensure the future of the Bully Wee. As a board we hope in turn, members will trust us that all our actions at this time are with the long term interests of the club at heart which will result in our club becoming stronger in due course. Whilst this might be our focus, we continue to press for action that will lead to improvements on the park.

Are we satisfied with the size of budget the manager has had to work within? No, and again we have discussed this at length with the club board. That said, we are in full agreement with the budgetary constraints that had to be made this year in order for the club to meet its responsibilities. These short term actions were a necessity in response to a decline spanning 40 years. At such a critical time we cannot advocate any route that incurs extra costs to the club which ultimately would threaten the existence of the Bully Wee. The pain we go through now is aimed at halting the decline.

For too many years Clyde have been run with the sole focus on short term results with the bigger picture rarely consulted. The outcome of this approach over the long term nearly brought our club to an end 5 years ago and again this summer. As a Trust Board, we are committed to working to seeing our club build an infrastructure that will ensure Clyde has a sustainable future, where the club’s future is not aligned to a cup draw or the outcome of a match.

Silence should not always be deemed as a failure to notice or acknowledge something