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Time For Change

Monday, 31st August 2009
The Clyde Supporter’s Trust is demanding that Clyde FC quickly addresses the need to change its current ownership structure and adopt a new radical constitution. This groundbreaking move for Scottish football is essential if Clyde are to stand any chance of being competitive in the future.

The Trust is of the opinion that the current structure is expensive, cumbersome, slow in decision-making and risks alienating rank and file supporters. Governance and inefficiency costs the current structure is around £30k a year - and that should not continue.

The Trust do not want Clyde’s development to be restricted by the present structure nor does it wish to spend time waiting for a ‘Sugar Daddy’ in order to be one person’s toy for a period of time.

The Trust believes that future success is dependent on it moving to a mutual structure. By supporters taking control of Clyde’s destiny, each member can be part of making the club all it can be and enabling the Bully Wee, through its actions and operations, to be of value to its community.

From Real Madrid to AC Telford, from Barcelona to Exeter City, no matter the size of the club this model works. In Germany, all clubs operate as ‘not for profit’ organisations yet it has the most profitable league in the world. The Trust wants Clyde to lead Scottish football in adopting this model.

We need everyone to take the leap of faith that others have and put their efforts behind building a better Clyde. A club owned by its members which allows supporters to be involved in the life of their club, no longer restricted to the sidelines on a Saturday but intimately aware of how the club is operating and having the democratic right to hold its Board to account at all times.

It appears that some in positions of influence wish to block or delay. As a Trust we wish the debate to move on now to discuss how we can make this change happen. In contrast to using concerns as a means to derail, we wish all with Clyde at their heart to be involved in a vigorous debate in shaping our mutual, democratic future.

“We ask all at Clyde to be brave and take control of driving our club forward. There is no reason why this change cannot happen this season. This is the time for change.”

Car Parking Update

Monday, 10th August 2009
Talks to streamline the car parking are ongoing and are awaiting the final planning for the new Leisure Centre.

BUT… we need volunteers now to take the parking fees. We’ve got a few people who do this at the moment, but more volunteers would enable us to draw up a rota and that would only mean you were on occasionally.

So… can you help out? Come and join us please. We need your help.

E-mail me at [email protected] or phone the Clyde office (01236 451511) and leave me a message. I’ll come back to you!

And remember, Parking Season Tickets are available from the Clyde Shop valid for all home Clyde games for a minimum donation of £25. The Supporters’ Trust has decided that all parking fees from these tickets will go to the Bully Wee Fund which is used directly to improve and maintain the quality of the team on the park.


Chris Ormerod
Clyde Supporters' Trust

Fans Forum

Monday, 10th August 2009
The Supporters' Trust are making arrangements for a Fans Forum.

The popular football Q&A is usually held in the early days of a new season if not before but the original date of the 29th July had to be postponed, however the Trust is hopeful that an alternative date in early September will be confirmed soon with Director of Football Neil Watt and club manager John Brown having agreed to attend.

As soon as a date and venue is confirmed we will advertise it online and in our regular page in the Clyde View.