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Clyde FC AGM

Tuesday, 28th April 2009
Clyde Supporters’ Trust announced at their last public meeting that they were promoting structural change at the club. This is aimed at making the club more operationally efficient as well as more transparent and accountable. The Trust has already initiated debate amongst the 3 Boards that govern the club.

For a number of reasons the current structure does not allow for full accountability to be applied effectively at the forthcoming club AGM, it does however allow for the beginning of the process by creating scope for questions to be asked.

The Trust Board are concentrating on the agenda for change in a constructive manner, in the belief that a publicly destructive process will not in the long term be in the best interests of the club. That does not mean that accountability should not apply, it should however apply through a consensual process if possible.

Change is difficult in any circumstances but the most fertile ground for achieving successful change is when there exists an obvious need. Nobody can argue that there is not an obvious need for some sort of change as the club faces its well publicised financial difficulties partly created by the failings of a less than transparent and accountable structure.

The club AGM, which will be held on Thursday 30th April, will be the first formal opportunity for club shareholders to question the full club board since the current difficulties were announced. We would encourage shareholders to take this meeting as stage 1 in a process and not to expect a dramatic outcome from the meeting. We would also encourage anyone that is a Trust member to lobby the Trust with their concerns in order that we can deal with your issues through the governance structures that currently exist. For Trust members this represents an effective stage 2 in the process.

The debate about how we ended up where we are and how a revised structure can be developed for the long term good of the club will run for some months. Proposals for a revised structure will be developed in consultation with as wide an audience as possible. We would also like to feed in the current concerns of members to that process, if you would like to see change then write to your Trust at [email protected]

Unity Day

Tuesday, 14th April 2009
The Clyde Supporters’ Trust has declared the Bully Wee’s match against Airdrie United on Saturday as ‘Unity Day’. Simply, this is the day for fans to be united in saving the club and boosting the Back the Bully Wee fund.

Trust chairman, John Alexander said:-

“We’re entering a critical stage in the fundraising effort and the timing of Saturday’s match is significant. It’s time for everyone to make a big push and do what they can to save the Bully Wee.

“If we can reach a considerable landmark towards the target figure of £140,000 by the end of Unity Day then it will make a huge difference to what we are trying to achieve.”

The fundraising campaign has raised over £20k to date and the game against Airdrie United will be a further opportunity for fans to give. If you have thought about giving or intend to give but not yet managed then this is the day to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other Clyde fans and Back the Bully Wee.

Gordon Thomson, Supporters' Trust representative on the Clyde Board, added:-

"We acknowledge the anger and frustration of our members and the fact that some wish time to ask further questions and meet with the Board and Trust Board again.

"We as a Trust board will make sure, as we have done in the past, that there will be a time for questions and more discussion. Indeed as a Trust Board we have stated our desire for the club to change its structure and to become a community interest company working for the benefit of our community but all of those discussions have to come later. This isn't a cover up. It is so any future discussion is an enquiry not a post mortem. For now, all our efforts have to be focussed on raising funds and saving our great club.

"Rumours, alleged informed comment as well as the opinions of others outside of the club can be a distraction from the real task of saving our club. Unity Day is about protecting the club we love and working together to do just that by showing the football world that, as fans, we are united in raising funds to back the Bully Wee."

There will be a variety of places to donate, with collection points at turnstiles and also stationed at strategic points throughout the stadium.

Information will be distributed as people enter the ground and throughout the afternoon fans will also get the chance to thank some special fundraisers.

Members of the Clyde Crew, pro-youth and school of football will also be playing a part to make this a special day. Look out for more information later in the week.

Closing the Gap

Monday, 13th April 2009
Supporters’ Trust chairman John Alexander has clarified what needs to be achieved by everyone at the club in the coming weeks.

John has confirmed that the target continues to be £140,000.

“Our plight is desperate,” he said. “I believe, however, that we can make the target if everyone pulls together, works hard and donates what they can.

“A target was set and announced at the meeting called by the club – it is to fill the circa £140,000 budget deficit for this year. I believe the same number has been referred to at the Trust meeting.

“Given the current stance taken by North Lanarkshire Council, we still have to assume that we need to find £140,000 of donations or other support. That is what will make our club safe so that needs to be the target for the ‘Back the Bully Wee’ campaign.

“Contrary to some rumours we have no benefactor that will pitch up with the full amount. We need to show that we can get a good way into that number before others who might not be supporters will contribute.

“We can’t satisfy everyone on what they want as assurances and information, and they are entitled to withhold their support, but my thanks go out to everyone that has committed so far and to everyone that will commit.

“I would, however, ask everyone that will contribute to do it as soon as possible. There is nothing lost – you have the guarantees. Please do not find reasons not to donate.”

Wee Can Do It!

Tuesday, 7th April 2009
Supporters’ Trust board members John Alexander and Gordon Nisbet have urged people to donate to the fundraising campaign.

As reported last night, the Back the Bully Wee fundraising total has now risen over the £12k mark - a great achievement but much more still needs to be achieved.

Supporters’ Trust chairman and Clyde FC director, John Alexander, spoke today to try and clarify some issues he feels people may have as they consider a donation:-

“Our job remains to get NLC to talk to us in order that we can discuss a payment proposal that allows the club to continue and at the same time give NLC their money.

“I’d like to highlight the following points that may put people’s minds at rest about making a donation.

“Firstly, all donations that are made to the Trust, if identified by name, as is the case with cheques or on-line payments or cash handed over not as part of a ‘bucket collection’, will be ring fenced and returned to the donor if not required.

“Secondly, all monies raised in bucket collections, sale of CDs, race nights, comedy events etc will not be returned to individuals but will be held by the Trust and only used to deliver a long lasting solution. It will not be given to NLC unless they have agreed a reasonable payment plan.

“Lastly, if we go into administration then the funds will be held back to fight that battle.

“Thanks to everyone that has donated so far. Every bit makes a difference. There are people who may be willing to help us and the best thing we can do to encourage them to do that is help ourselves. If we sit and fight amongst ourselves and deliver no cash then we will make things massively more difficult.

“Do not hold back – whatever you can contribute will make a difference."

Trust treasurer, Gordon Nisbet, added:-

“I can confirm that all monies donated to our Back the Bully Wee campaign are documented independently, ring fenced and its sole purpose will be the securing of our Club.

“In response to some queries we’ve had, the running total of over £12k published last night does not include proceeds from the recent CST dinner. This was itself an excellent £12k, but this profit forms part of the Trust's annual pledge to Clyde due in May and will already have been budgeted for by the Club.

“However, the campaign total shows what can be achieved in a small space of time and we’re hopeful that there will be a bigger rise in the coming days.”

Trust Members Meeting

Wednesday, 1st April 2009
There will be a meeting for all Trust members on Thursday 2nd April at 7.30pm. The meeting will give an update on the current situation regarding the club and will offer members the opportunity to question all Trust Board members.