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Supporters' Forum

Friday, 24th December 2010
The Supporters Trust has announced its latest Supporters Forum. This popular Q&A event will be held in the Clyde Suite, Broadwood Stadium on Tuesday 11th January with a 7.30pm kick off.

The meeting will have two sessions. At the start of the evening, Director of Football Neil Watt and Head Coach Stuart Millar will take questions regarding football activities. The second part will give supporters the opportunity to quiz the Football Club Board on all off the field matters.

This will be the first Supporters Forum since the club moved to its members owned status; however the event will be open for all. Memberships will be available to purchase on the evening.

Reaction to Club Statement

Thursday, 9th December 2010
Clyde Football Club have now informed North Lanarkshire Leisure, owners of Broadwood, of the club’s intention to leave the stadium.

The Trust representatives on the club board were fully involved and wholly supportive of this announcement.

The Trust fully supports this approach as it is entirely consistent with Clyde’s ambitions to become a leading example of a community club in Scotland.

Mistakes of the past where the club failed to meet its financial obligations and only engaged sporadically with its community cannot be repeated. The move to community interest company status embeds that approach but also drives the club on to achieving more than mere survival.

As a Trust we are excited at the opportunities that exist for Clyde but recognise this statement of intent is just the beginning. It will be a hard journey to achieve our goal and we cannot start by focusing solely on the football side– that is what drove us to where we are today. We must reverse the trend by building something completely different and we will work with the CFC board to ensure that we together deliver what we all want to achieve: a successful, vibrant football club meeting its commitments, involving the community and being competitive on the park.

CIC To Bring Change To Trust

Thursday, 9th December 2010
Clyde FC became a community interest company on the 11th November 2010 and this will have an impact on the future of the Trust.

The core values of the Trust will live on in the new Community Interest Company and as a Board we will continue to serve you to ensure that this is indeed the case and that will be the legacy of our Trust as the Bully Wee truly becomes our club.

The changes within the football club will alter significantly the Trust as we know it today. As a Board it’s our intention at present to wind up the present format but it will remain for the time being a legal entity as it will have a practical role to play. For example if approved the membership fees of the new CiC membership direct debit’s will be processed by the trust.

The Trust is more than that of course and we have planned ahead as many of its activities and initiatives will live on in the proposed CiC:

The Lottery will pass over to the CiC when a new license is approved and continue to be managed by Gordon Nisbet. The Bully Wee Fund will also continue to be stewarded by Gordon too.

The Clyde Crew and other community involvement will come under the remit of the Community & Volunteering sub group with Gordon Thomson and Allan Wilson playing an active role in that.

The Sportsman Dinner will be co-ordinated by the club’s recently formed fundraising Group headed by Gary Ballantyne and David McPherson

All those are very practical things which have been vital to the club, at the recently held Trust AGM our treasurer Gordon Nisbet confirmed that since its inception the Trust has given £400k to the football club.

Your Trust has contributed greatly to the life of our club without it there would simply be no Clyde. The Trust has been hugely important organisation and for that reason we are determined that it does not go out with a whimper and so we are looking at ways of acknowledging its history and the part it’s played in keeping the Bully Wee alive.

So look out for news on how we plan to commemorate and celebrate the Trust and the impact it has made to the Bully Wee.