Get Involved

One of the benefits of following a club like Clyde is that the ordinary fan can play a major part in the development of the club. On the day of his appointment Colin Hendry commented of the positive difference it made being part of a club run from the heart of true supporters rather than a detached businessman.

You can make a difference by becoming involved and that commitment can be in a variety of different ways. As a Trust ideas are never in short supply but resources can be scarce and the greatest need is finding people to deliver the ideas and projects.

Individuals can be wary of getting involved, they fear the amount of time required to be prohibitive however no matter the time at your disposal they are still many ways in which you can help the Trust help the club:-

Become a member

Join the Trust put forward your views and make sure the Trust committee and ultimately the club continues to hear the voice of the rank and file supporter. Take part in debates; ask questions. Don't feel that you are just a number. Remember you can make a difference!


If you've got an idea and, crucially, the plan to bring it to reality then put forward your proposal to the Trust Board and get your thoughts into action.

Look out for news to see if you can volunteer to assist any Trust activity from the Clyde Crew (Enhanced Disclosure required) to helping in the organisation of the Annual Sports Dinner to taking part in any sponsored activity to raise funds.

If you have the time then spend it with the club you love!

Become a Board member

There's plenty of space on the Board if you feel you have the time to devote to your club. Meetings take place in a relaxed manner and there is no specific requirements - just that you care about The Bully Wee.

You can contact us informally to discuss coming on board or apply directly with a Trust Director Nomination Form and Person Specification of Trust Director.