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Monday, 13th August 2018 10:27am


:: Football
Update report on playing squad and preparations for season.

:: Governance and interaction with SFA/SPFL
Outcome of the audit for forthcoming season. Co-option of Gordon Thomson into SPFL Competitions Working Group. Review of player contracts to ensure consistency with staffing handbook. SPFL AGM attended. Consideration given to the implementation of weekly Board telephone conference to further enhance coordination of activities.

:: Finance Report
Update and scrutiny of 2018-19 budget, noting targets for commercial and fundraising income.

:: Commercial
Update on MJM partnership and other commercial partnerships with the aim to develop increased income streams and interest in club.

:: Fundraising Initiatives
200 Fund promotion, Lottery sales and Christmas raffle and sports dinner discussed. Confirmation of Arria usage and communication to Silver Arria.

:: Matchday Operations
Review of matchday operations following Motherwell game including stewarding usage of Arria and further discussion regarding cashless entry to games.

:: Wellbeing and Safeguarding
Wellbeing and Protection Group formed 4th June. National Network meeting to be attended 9th August this will include a presentation on SFA Interim Report on Child Abuse.

:: Community Foundation
Update on current activity and grant applications.