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Friday, 16th November 2018 1:45pm


• Finance Report
As standard, the Board received a breakdown of the current financial position detailing income levels and expenditure. Current risks were identified as was, following the Scottish Cup exit, the importance of meeting and surpassing previously set fundraising and events targets.
Work is ongoing in preparation for the forthcoming AGM in December, with discussions being held with the auditors to finalise the accounts which will be signed off at the November board meeting.

• Football
Customary meetings were held with the management team to discuss current form and training preparation.
Communication with NLL regarding training lets and use of the stadium. In order to accommodate the club in preparing for matchdays, Clyde will now have use of the main Broadwood pitch on Thursdays prior to home games.

• Commercial Activities
Development, promotion and success of commercial activities is critical to the success of the club and discussions were held around how the club can maximise this income. Consideration also for additional volunteer resources to support sales of events.

• Attendance Figures
Communications ongoing to improve and widen travel options to Broadwood on matchdays.

• Fundraising
11000 tickets have been distributed for the Christmas Raffle, with a positive uptake from all community sides. Prizes sourced and the full list was published.
Arrangements have commenced for the annual Sports Dinner, with date likely to be in February or March - awaiting confirmation of venue and availability.

• SFA Audit
In relation to next year's audit, a disability access audit of the stadium has been commissioned by NLL. A volunteer disability access officer has been appointed.

• Matchday Operatons
Continued monitoring of Arria Lounge patronage in order to maximise its usage and ensure that people have at least two reasons to attend a match! Discussion also held with Arria Silver members for their views of the lounge and its facilities.
Revised parking arrangements will continue to be featured in Friday match previews to inform supporters.

• Community Foundation
Growth of work continues with meetings being held with community teams and a number of school based projects also agreed.
It was noted that the 2004 team had reached the regional League Cup Final, to be held at Ochilview on Sunday 2nd December at 10am.

• Child Protection and Wellbeing Group
Meetings ongoing as the club is currently working through SFA recommendations. Awaiting SFA visit. Additional training programme being developed to deliver to coaches.