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Jim Allison

Wed, 5th Jan 2022 2:15pm

Everyone connected with the club was saddened and shocked to learn of the passing of lifelong Bully Wee fan, Jim Allison, on Wednesday 29th December.

Jim, 84 from Condorrat, held that privilege of having been present at both of our fifties Scottish Cup Final wins in 1955 & 1958.

Jim along with his son, David, followed the Clyde from the Shawfield years, all the way through the nomadic years then on to Broadwood, which was practically on their doorstep.

Ownership Director and friend, Gordon Nisbet paid tribute to Jim:-

"Sadly, 2021 ended a horrible year, as we lost yet another great Clyde man. A term, often, thrown about too loosely, but most certainly not in this instance.

"As Clyde moved to Broadwood in 1994, supporters naturally sought out a new pre-match watering hole. My Clyde mates decided upon a family run pub at the time, The Smiddy; they welcomed us and we even had our own place in the bar, where they displayed Clyde framed pics up on the walls. It just so happened that both Jim and son David had also opted for The Smiddy, and the first couple of games, were just the usual casual nods as they took their own seats in the bar. However, and I can’t totally recall when, but probably before game six, they had joined and swelled our ranks, a case of when football strangers became friends, and firm ones at that, those twenty-seven years ago.

"Trips to away games saw both Jim & David fully embraced. Jim might have been an elder statesman within The Smiddy crowd, but his Clyde knowledge and more so his delivery received and got the respect it so deserved from those of far lesser years. When the two Jim’s (Allison & Morrison) got talking about the Clyde glory days, it would be fascinating to hear them extol the virtues of Clyde legend and a personal favourite of Jim’s, Tommy Ring.

"Jim always allowed people their opinion, and if he disagreed, he would merely say “do you think so” and leave it at that. He always kept his counsel, in all my years, I never heard Jim swear, and quite simply if you ask The Smiddy lads to sum Jim up, to a man they would say “an absolute true gent.”

"Now we all have heard the term “rose tinted glasses” applied to many a Bully Wee man, but Jim wins this award hands down. He was always positive, even in the face of heavy odds, he would always say “ I think we can get something today”. Of course one such occasion was that famous Scottish Cup victory back in January 2006, when Jim had the utter joy of having his grandson Ben attend his first ever Clyde match. Three generations of the Allison family were there to witness a famous victory, you can see why it easily became Jim’s all time favourite Clyde game, even eclipsing those two special cup final wins.

"Finally, another abiding memory of Jim, whenever we scored he would shout “ya beauty”. In fact it can be clearly heard on the video of one of games from a few years back. In the eyes of The Smiddy lads, those very words can readily and most deservedly apply to you sir."

The deepest condolences from all at Clyde FC go out to wife Teresa, son David, daughter Elaine, and his devoted grandchildren, Emma, Katie, Sam and Ben, plus to all of Jim's family and friends at this difficult time.