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Message from Gordon

Club Chairman Gordon Thomson spoke to official website following Saturday’s match against Montrose:-

“When I first came into this role, I said that progress would not be a straight line. Saturday was a brutal example of that. When I started, I wanted supporters to be the key part of the solution in improving the status and sustainability of our club. Last week saw the first meetings of the working groups that will help to achieve that goal, but the defeat against Montrose was a reminder of the volatility of the game and how we can’t ignore what happens on the pitch as we build for a better future.

“Since becoming chairman I think I have missed two training sessions, so I have seen at first hand the preparation for matches and the intensity of the training. During the international break I met with Danny and Graham to review the first quarter as part of our regular run of meetings. Issues are not ignored or poor performances accepted as the norm. Work will intensify to turn results around in order to repeat the positive performances that we have experienced in certain matches this season.

“Prior to the weekend’s match, we had confirmed a Football Forum for supporters on the 26th October and hopefully I will be able to confirm arrangements as soon as possible. The forum will be held to give supporters an opportunity – away from match day – to air their views. Frustrations and anger expressed is not surprising but the positive backing of supporters is also a critical factor in matches ahead. Our legendary trainer Mattha Gemmell once commented that Clyde supporters needed their “hearts cast in a foundry” and that remains true to this day.

“Danny spoke, as he always does, post-match and his hurt was evident. This league is certainly cut throat as weaknesses are exploited and as results have proven, no club is assured of victory in any match. However, to repeat the positives that we have experienced this season, we all know that improvement has to occur and supporters can be assured that everyone behind the scenes will play their part to work harder and try to ensure we meet our expectations for this season.”