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Bully Wee Fund 2021-22

Sun, 18th Jul 2021 8:08pm

The club is once again pleased to launch the Bully Wee Fund Initiative ahead of the forthcoming league campaign.

The first draw will take place on Saturday 31st July 2021. Please note, that entries must be submitted by Friday 23rd July to be eligible for this draw. You can sign-up now via the club's dedicated GoCardless site. For further information, visit the Bully Wee Fund page.

The Bully Wee Fund Draw returns following yet another successful season. There is, however, a change for the 2021-22 campaign. The initiative will run for just 42 weeks (21 draws) beginning 31st July until 21st May 2022.

For an entry fee of £5 per week, it allows supporters to contribute directly to Clyde's first team and enter regular draws to win a significant cash prize. It has the specific purpose of increasing the player budget available to the management team.

The venture runs based on a 50-50 split of the total funds collected, with 21 prize draws taking place throughout the year. The cash prize available will be based on the number of subscribers, so will increase in line with the number of subscribers at the time of each draw. For instance, 220 subscribers would generate a prize of £1,100.

Draws will take place at every home league match, with additional draws as required to reach the total of 21. Non-matchday draws will be recorded and published on the club website.

To accommodate any supporter who would prefer an alternative payment method to Go Cardless, a payment by cheque/cash for the full £210 (42wks @ £5) will be an available option. Please contact either club director Gordon Nisbet or the club office to arrange.