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Davie Paterson

Fri, 11th Jun 2021 11:16am

All at the club were devastated as news filtered through of the passing of lifelong fan, Davie Paterson last night.

Davie was in his 60th year as a Clyde fan, having watched his first Bully Wee match in 1961; a 0-0 draw against Forfar Athletic at Shawfield. He became a serial traveller to all games, home and away, including friendlies north and south of the border, and even to bounce matches and training nights.

Away from matches, Bridgeton based Davie supported the club in every way he could including sponsored walks, annual awards nights, quiz nights and many other fundraising events.

His loyalty to the club was acknowledged at the 2015 Awards Night in Rutherglen, when he was presented with the prestigious Fan Recognition Award. Appropriately, his award that night was a model of his beloved Shawfield Stadium (pictured above). Of course, David completed the set when he won the auction prize of the Lego model of Broadwood Stadium at the club's annual fundraising event in 2017.

Ownership Director, Gordon Nisbet was the first of many Clyde fans to pay tribute:-

"Davie Paterson, was the most dedicated Clyde supporter I had the utmost pleasure in knowing. Put simply, Clyde FC was his life and woe betide anybody say a word against them. Good times and bad, Davie's support to The Bully Wee cause was total in every way.

"My early encounters with Davie go back to the mid 70s, when by chance I was offered a lift by fellow Clyde supporter Stevie Muckalt, to Brechin. In the car that day, this newbie fan was introduced to both Alex Connor and Davie Paterson. My Clyde FC history education began that day for sure and the many more away trips that followed only served to enhance.

"At times, Davie would 'lose his rag' at the boo boys (yes, they existed back then too) holding his own with reasoned argument or just a simple put down in his own particular style.

"His Clyde player knowledge was, I believe, second to none. Such was his commitment that Davie's mantra was, if they wear the shirt they get my support... which is not something referees or their assistants could ever claim to receive! Yes, Davie and his good mate Jim McGuigan, were quite happy to let the officials know in no uncertain terms their views on decisions they awarded against the Clyde.

"Davie would phone me at all hours to debate on various Clyde issues - often just to get something off his chest - but he was always willing to listen and an hour later we would end agreeing or disagreeing, but forever convivial. I will miss those calls."

Chairman John Taylor added:-

"Although we were aware of his terminal condition in recent months, we were still shocked and numbed when the news came through just after 7pm last night. Davie's love of Clyde was there for all to see. Even in the darkest of times for the club, his positivity was inspirational to us all. His loyalty and devotion to The Bully Wee was humbling and I genuinely believe that we won't see his like again."

The condolences of all at the club go out to Davie's sister, Catherine and all the rest of his family and friends at this very difficult time.