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Finance Director Appointed

Sun, 2nd May 2021 2:18pm

The club is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Allan as Finance Director, following a period of him shadowing and collaborating with the Board in recent months.

With senior level experience as a partner at Ernst & Young, Andy currently occupies a similar role as founder and partner of a consultancy practice specialising in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and recovery situations. He also sits on the Board of a Leisure Trust elsewhere in Scotland and as an Independent Director of Endava PLC, an NYSE listed company.

Clyde chairman John Taylor said:-

"As part of the ongoing process of building capability around the club, we have been working to identify suitable candidates for key Board positions. Andy’s impressive track record in business, particularly in the areas of finance and strategic planning is a good fit for the gaps identified in the skill set of the existing Board.

"In addition to working with Finance Manager Frank Meade, Andy has also spent a considerable amount of time on aligning the club’s strategic plan with the budget for the 2021-22 season and beyond. On the basis of Andy’s input to date, the Board had no hesitation in co-opting him to the Board with immediate effect."

Andy added: "As a lifelong football fan, I am delighted to be joining Clyde FC, a club with such a rich history. This club, like many others, faces challenges in the future, challenges which I'm confident we can meet."