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SPFL Resolution

Tue, 12th May 2020 11:20pm

The club board met on Monday night and discussed what position we might take in relation to the SPFL resolution, scheduled for today.

SPFL clubs have since voted to reject a resolution by Hearts, Rangers and Stranraer to hold an independent inquiry into last month's directors written resolution.

As a board, we were unanimous in our view that the resolution and the supporting report had merit but, in truth, it pointed mostly to behaviours and practices which would not have surprised many in the lower leagues. With that indictment it was difficult not to want to support some form of investigation or review.

However, after extensive reflection in context of a number of major factors, the board decided to abstain from today's vote.

Not voting was by no means rejecting the intent of scrutiny and accountability behind the resolution and, in equal measure, it was not a statement of support for the SPFL board in this matter. We would stress that no comment we make is directed towards any particular individual; this is a structural and cultural failure.

We took our decision having regard to a number of factors, including the following:-

  • Given the desperate situation that the country finds itself in, with significant societal and economic challenges, this really is not a priority
  • These were not new behaviours. In our opinion is was not an investigation that is required, rather it is a robust review of how governance of a structurally flawed model of self-interest and partisanship can better work for the benefit of all members
  • The league requires a new sponsor. A potentially destructive investigation will only undermine the brand association with the SPFL and Scottish Football as a whole and is to the detriment of every member
  • The exposure of behaviours has already been significant and damaging. As a member body, the most positive and proactive response is not to continue creating division, but to recognise that the failings exist and work together to resolve them
  • As a club, we have more than our fair share of serious challenges to navigate and not only do we need our focus on our own club, but we need the SPFL executive wholly focussed on supporting all of its members

We do not plan to comment further and we hope that everyone can concentrate on strengthening the organisation and its governance so that it can serve us all.