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Club Statement: End of Reconstruction Talks

Mon, 11th May 2020 11:35am

Further to the latest news on the end of reconstruction talks, we felt it appropriate to update supporters on our position.

Firstly, we remain resolute in our belief that no club should be worse off due to the effects of Covid-19, whether that is through relegation caused by the early termination of the leagues or through the outcomes of any reconstruction talks. 

We have noted with interest various statements and comments over the weekend, following the unsuccessful end of talks of the Reconstruction Group. We have been disappointed by some of the comments made which appear to be wholly contradictory and, ironically, promoting a self-interest that those clubs now claim to be a victim of.

We feel it's important to note that we received no formal communication from the group at any time. However, we understand that the proposal discussed with Premier League representatives on Friday contained a three-league structure, either with 14-14-14 clubs or 14-14-16 clubs.

As per our statement on 27th April, this proposal, if carried, would have significantly disadvantaged Clyde and other clubs, with effective relegation to the bottom tier and the financial and sporting impact arising therefrom.

Therefore, we are surprised, to say the least, to see the rejection of this proposal being regarded as a failure to stand together and protect each club in solidarity, when the reality of the situation is the complete opposite for Clyde and others.

As we stated publicly on 9th April, we accepted that by voting for the Resolution to end the 2019-20 season it would lead to reconstruction talks. We were willing to accept and participate in this process, but only on the basis that no club, however large or small, should be disproportionately disadvantaged because of this crisis situation. This was the stated aim of the Reconstruction Group on the day of its formation.

Regrettably, it seems that some clubs, while stating the above as a common aim, have not taken all clubs into account, and continue to ignore the unfair penalty that would have been imposed on certain clubs by the proposal.

We continue to be willing to engage in reconstruction talks in future, providing that any outcome can be implemented fairly and with a long-term benefit to Scottish Football as a whole.