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Club Update - Donations

Mon, 23rd Mar 2020 7:17pm

The club has been extremely grateful to receive offers of financial support from many supporters in recent days, prompted by the nationwide football suspension currently in place.

Firstly, we would re-iterate the message from previous updates published. All possible measures are being taken to ensure that the club can navigate through this extremely challenging time. That includes exploring all potential means of external support that may be available to businesses at this time, in what is a fast-changing landscape.

However, Clyde is no different to any other club in facing uncertainty and a significant loss of income in the coming weeks. This includes, but not limited to, four home matches (two of which were designated as hospitality fixtures) and fundraising events in our 2020 calendar, including the Ladies Day, Awards Night, Golf Day and Hall of Fame event.

Any way in which this loss of income can be offset will lessen the impact on the club, first and foremost until football can begin again, but also looking ahead to future budgets and the acute financial challenges that will be faced when a new season begins.

We have noted all of the different offers and suggestions made by supporters for ways to make a contribution. After due consideration, the most effective method currently is to accept donations.

Donations can now be made at the page below, securely and directly to the club. Any amount will be gratefully received and contribute to what could be a very important total in the coming weeks and months.

It is worth mentioning at this time that it was planned to make a forward-looking strategic presentation to all supporters in attendance at the Q&A event earlier this month, which had to be postponed. The full content of the strategy piece will be communicated out at an appropriate time, but one item covered within it is the Scottish Cup tie against Celtic in February. While it provided a welcome financial boost, in real terms the benefit was diluted in that it offset the previous two years trading losses and the challenge of making the club commercially competitive remains unaltered as a result of it.

In closing, our gratitude goes out in advance to all those who are willing and able to contribute at this difficult and uncertain time for all - and we also acknowledge those who have already been extremely generous ahead of this announcement.