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SPFL Meeting

Fri, 20th Mar 2020 11:13am

The club participated in a phone conference meeting yesterday for all League 1 clubs. Similar meetings were held with clubs in other divisions.

The meeting was chaired by Neil Doncaster, SPFL chief executive. Updates were received in regard to the current situation from Neil, Dr John McLean, head of SFA medicine and Ian Maxwell, SFA chief executive.

At this time, the meeting correctly focused on the severity of the situation and the impact on the health of individuals, rather than any specific details regarding fixtures and the 2019-20 season completion.

It was accepted that no decision could be taken about when football can be staged again and information was shared about the challenges clubs face in respect of legal obligations and other contractual requirements.

More detailed discussions and information will occur in due course, but we welcomed the confirmation of financial support forthcoming from the SFA and the SPFL as well as the review of current membership criteria and reporting deadlines.

We also welcomed the commitment of the SPFL to hold regular meetings to inform member clubs of any developments and also the work being undertaken by the SFA and SPFL to support the wellbeing of the game.

No-one underestimates the challenges our national game faces, but it will overcome these challenges with the united approach being demonstrated at this time.