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Celtic Match Ticket Update

Sun, 26th Jan 2020 2:54pm

The club would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on ticket sales for the Scottish Cup match against Celtic on the 9th February.

Following yesterday's sale, nearly 1,500 Clyde allocation tickets have already been sold.

The next sale will take place at Broadwood on Tuesday night, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Tickets will be sold to season ticket holders and club owners only. Name and address checks will take place at the point of sale and supporters should arrive at the Main Entrance.

The decision to hold an initial 'open' sale inside Broadwood during the East Fife match was made with the following considerations.

There is a very short turnaround time - three weeks - between the draw and the match taking place, with only one home match in that period. Additionally, the date/time for the fixture was only confirmed by the Scottish FA just over 24 hours before kick-off yesterday, leaving no opportunity for any sale to take place in the week leading up to the match.

Holding a sale inside Broadwood provided an opportunity for as many regular home match attendees as possible - regardless of season ticket or ownership status - to purchase tickets.

It was expected, with flexibility in the home allocation total, that this would allow for a further controlled sale to Clyde season ticket holders and owners beyond yesterday’s game, ensuring that no-one would miss out. This process will now take place, as above.

An all-ticket and televised match at Broadwood presents the club with many logistical challenges, with a heavy burden placed on a small number of staff and volunteers. Every effort is, however, being made to ensure that the day goes as well as possible for all in attendance and the club thanks supporters for their cooperation yesterday and around the event in general.