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Organisational Structure Update

Fri, 10th Jan 2020 9:36pm

At the recent AGM, the club’s latest/new strategic priorities and organisational structure were launched. The board recognised, after a period of review, that the previous way of working had to be adapted for two reasons; to capitalise on the position that the establishment of an excellent management team and strong squad has delivered and to embrace the skills and experience of a wider cohort of people connected to the club.

It is critical that everyone unites around these goals. There is often lively debate and a variety of opinions on the best approach to take, or forensic analysis of decisions made. This has its place but only if it doesn’t trap people in a state of introspection or affect the goal that all want to achieve. 

Now, time is of the essence to ensure that all supporters, whether new to Broadwood or former Shawfield regulars, move forward together to replicate the spirit that the team has delivered of late.  Last Saturday was a perfect analogy - one man and two goals down, the team responded. Not in a gung ho style but with a determined approached, coupled with the tactical changes which enabled the club to avoid defeat and improve its position.

However success on the pitch, if not underpinned by strength off the park, can only be sustained for so long. As stated at the AGM, performance levels off the pitch need to catch up on those delivered by the first team squad so that the club can continue to grow.

Six key principles were chosen for the club to work towards:-

  1. Strive for success on the pitch
  2. Increase sources of income
  3. Increase attendances and improve the matchday experience for supporters
  4. Develop profile and engagement in the community with equality of access for all
  5. Improve communications internally and externally
  6. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the club

Action plans have been developed for each principle and people aligned to achieve progress in each field.  In due course, individuals experienced in football and/or organisational management,  but not necessarily directly involved in the club, will also be invited to help oversee and provide additional objectivity and advice to support the club meet its stated aims.  In the meantime, the board has been structured to support positive action, with task groups being formed to accommodate that, including:

  • Football 
  • Finance 
  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Income Generation
  • Commercial
  • Communications 
  • Child Wellbeing & Safeguarding 

With regard to Board positions, the following appointments have been confirmed-

Chairman - David Dishon
Vice Chairman/Operations Director - John Taylor 
Strategy /Match Secretary - Gordon Thomson 
Governance/Company Secretary - Claire Thornber
Finance Director - recruiting 
Corporate Major Donor Relations Director - David MacPherson
Commercial Director - David MacPherson (interim)
Income Generation Director - Gordon Nisbet
Sporting Director - recruiting

It is recognised that certain appointments require to be finalised, particularly those of  Finance Director and Sporting Director, in addition to the position of Chair as David Dishon steps down. 

The search is being undertaken presently and interim contingencies are in place. The process of recruitment has to be appropriate. The board wants to build a sustainable club and is keen to understand how individuals might support that and also what they want for the club. Rushing that process would be at the club’s peril and in the interim period the refined structure will ensure that the club will not drift, or leave the first team manager without support. 

The proposal also includes the re-introduction of the position of associate directors to the club, who will support Board members in their areas of responsibility. 

Appointments to date include; Associate Directors (Commercial) Ian Fitzpatrick and Charlie Lowrie and Associate Director (Operations) David Alexander. 

More information will follow on these appointments.

The club has a great squad and management team. The Board hopes and trusts that this approach supports everyone as a club, takes advantage of the current position and emphasises the value of all working together. This approach will allow Clyde to achieve greater success on the pitch, making the club more sustainable and maximising the current opportunities that exist for the club to move forward.