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Powerchair FC Aim for Champions Cup

Sat, 13th Jul 2019 10:02am

Clyde Powerchair FC will be the first ever Scottish club to represent their country at the EPFA Champions Cup 2020 in Switzerland next August.

The competition is the powerchair equivelant of the UEFA Champions League and, having won their national league, Clyde PFC have earned the right to compete with Europe's best.

The Clyde PFC committee has a large task on its hands to raise the funds needed to take the players and carers/families to this prestigious event, a task all involved very much believe can be achieved. It is estimated that a £20,000 total will cover flights, accommodation, transport of sports chairs and meals for the five-day competition.

As well as making history, the event will provide the players with precious memories that they can cherish for life. Each player has a different form of disability, which effects everyday living. Through powerchair football, Clyde PFC provides a normality of life through a sport many love.

All donations will be very much appreciated and can be made via the official JustGiving page.