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Danny Thanks Norrie

Wed, 22nd May 2019 9:23am

Clyde manager Danny Lennon has publicly thanked Norrie Innes, following his resignation from the board at the weekend.

He said:-

"The success of this season started 18 months ago, when I met Norrie Innes. He really sold the club to me and got me on board. He has sadly had to stand down as a director due to other pressing commitments in his life, but I really do think that everyone who loves Clyde owes that man a great debt of gratitude for his incredible leadership in helping to improve the fortunes of this club.

"We had a great working relationship, as I do with the current chairman of the club and the rest of the board. I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal thanks to Norrie for helping me to fall in love with this great club and helping me and everyone else to succeed.

"What we have achieved this season is excellent and is the result of everyone at the club doing their job very well.

"Gracias, señor Norrie!"