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Kieran McDade Foundation Donation

Mon, 22nd Oct 2018 8:29pm

The Clyde School of Football visited Dunbeth Park in Coatbridge yesterday, to accept a new defibrillator kindly donated by The Kieran McDade Foundation.

The foundation was created following the tragic death of Kieran McDade in 2016. Kieran played for Dunbeth FC's 2003 squad and was 13 years old. He suffered a cardiac arrest during a training session with his team. The tragedy affected so many people that Dunbeth took it upon themselves to set up a foundation in the name of Kieran.

The foundation is continuing to source as many defibrillators as possible, distributing them to local clubs and teams, to give children the best possible chance of life if the unfortunate should happen.

Clyde School of Football coaches George Innes, David Brady and David McKay, first aider Caroline Innes and current 2003 players Ryan Innes, Reiss Brady and Kyle McKay all went along to accept this generous donation.

George Innes said:-

"The defibrillator will be with us at all training sessions and games moving forward, knowing that if the unthinkable was to happen we might just be able to save a young player's life.

"From all at Clyde FC and the Clyde Community Foundation we would like to thank the Kieran McDade Foundation. Its vital work does not go unnoticed."

For more information on the foundation, please visit its Facebook page. Donations can also be made through the JustGiving page.