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Lottery Summer Break

As agreed in December, the Clyde FC Lottery will now be more closely aligned to the football season, as opposed to its previous 52-week period.

Therefore, this week’s draw (Wednesday 9th May) will be the final draw until it resumes again on Wednesday 11th July 2018.

Online plays will therefore be available again from 5th July.

Clyde director Gordon Nisbet said:-

“Our weekly lottery has run unbroken since its inception in December 2003, so a huge thanks is due to our small lottery team and the agents, who have selflessly dedicated their time and efforts in making it as successful as it is. Of course, without the regular entrants there would be no lottery, so an obvious massive appreciation to them too.

“The reason for introducing the break is twofold. Firstly, to give all of the aforementioned a well-earned respite. Secondly, the close season traditionally sees a drop in financial return, for obvious reasons, so it makes economic sense to have a break during this period.”

Should the £20,000 jackpot not be won at this Wednesday’s draw, it will remain frozen until the 11th July draw.