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Danny's Thoughts on the Season

Mon, 30th Apr 2018 8:26pm

The dust is beginning to settle now on season 2017-18. It is time to reflect and let you know my thoughts on the season past and our preparations for the season to come.

I was attracted to come to Clyde for a number of reasons. This club has a fantastic heritage. There are great facilities available for training and matchdays. I heard good things about the board and the restorative financial work they have undertaken to get the club on an even keel. All of these ingredients said to me that there is great potential at this club to put together a winning formula that can take the club further up the leagues.

Six months on, I have tasted that potential and I am more than keen to do all that I can to help Clyde progress and fulfill that potential. Football is a team game and to move the club up the leagues will take a monumental effort from everyone associated with this fine club – the board, the coaching staff, the playing staff and the fans. We all need to step up and instill that winning mentality that every successful club has. That mentality pushes you to give your absolute best for the club, every day.

We are all vital parts of the team and we can only succeed when we work hard and work well together. I believe it is possible for us to have the kind of success we all dare to hope for. I believe now could very well be our time, but only if we all put in an extra special effort together. I believe that we will.

We had a good, positive second half to the season, moving several places up the league table and taking our hopes of a play-off place to the last fixture of the season. However, we are all looking to step up those efforts another gear for next season. In order to fulfill our ambitions, we must.

It will be a busy summer for us. We will be offering a lot of contracts to our current playing staff and urging them to buy into our vision for the future. Inevitably, some of our playing staff will be leaving and we sincerely thank them for their valued efforts and wish them every success in the future. We will be looking to secure some exciting young loan signings from big clubs north and south of the border. We will also be looking to make some quality signings of players with a proven track record, who will add to the winning mentality that we have begun to build amongst the playing staff in my time here.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you, the fans, for your incredible support this season. Your contribution to this club, your club, is vital. I look forward to working closer with you in the season to come and look forward to us building a winning team, together.