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Shawfield Tragedy Remembered

Thu, 14th Dec 2017 6:36pm

Clyde FC today remembers a tragic event in the club's history that happened 60 years ago to the day.

On 14th December 1957, on a foggy Saturday afternoon at Shawfield Stadium, part of the terracing wall collapsed. One young boy, 12-year-old James Ryan, was tragically killed and many others - the vast majority of them teenagers or younger - were injured.

The incident occurred about seven minutes into a league match against Celtic.

As a way of marking the anniversary, in the Clyde View for the next home match against Berwick Rangers on 23rd December, one of the survivors, Arthur O’Neil, tells his story from 1957 and explains how he still carries the scars to this day.

Clyde FC respectfully remembers the lost life of James Ryan and all those affected by this harrowing event.