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Club Statement – Play-Off Final

Following the the team’s success in reaching the League 1 play-off final, the club has been informed that Broadwood Stadium will not be available on Saturday 14th May.

This results from NLL taking a booking for a three-day BMX event, whilst being aware of the potential of the club being required to fulfill a league fixture on this date.

The club became aware of the potential clash in March, some time after the booking was made, and immediately addressed the issue with NLL. Both parties agreed that the matter would be resolved should the issue arise. At no point did the club contemplate an inability for the club to fulfill the fixture.

As a consequence the SPFL have reversed the play-off final fixtures, requiring the club to play Queen’s Park at Broadwood on Tuesday night at 7.45pm and play the return leg at Hampden on Saturday 14th May at 3pm.

The club is extremely disappointed at this outcome, not only because of the substantial loss of income that playing in midweek has caused but also the sporting advantage which the team strived so hard for, but has been lost.