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SPFL Press Release

Thu, 18th Feb 2016 1:25pm

Following yesterday's SPFL sub committee meeting, the club is now in a position to share in full the content of the judgement with Clyde FC supporters, as published by the SPFL today:-

At a disciplinary meeting held at Hampden Park yesterday, an SPFL Board sub-committee considered alleged breaches of SPFL Rules by Clyde FC.

The breaches related to late payment of monies due to HMRC, which created an 'Event of Default' under SPFL Rules. This Event of Default should have been, but was not, notified to the SPFL. Clyde FC registered two players and played one of them, Ross Millen, in a match on 30 January, notwithstanding the Event of Default, thereby creating further breaches of SPFL Rules.

Clyde FC lost the match in question and have gained no sporting advantage. The Club was not aware of the Event of Default having occurred until after the match and since then has not played either of the players.

Clyde FC admitted all alleged breaches of SPFL Rules. The SPFL Board sub-committee found that all breaches were inadvertent and had arisen as a result of extraordinary circumstances affecting the Club and one of its Directors at the relevant time.

Clyde FC were censured, warned as to their future conduct and given a £2,500 fine suspended until the end of season 2016/17 (to be activated in the event of future breaches of SPFL Rules in this area).

At an SPFL Board meeting following the sub-committee hearing, the ban on Clyde FC registering any new players and on playing those players registered since 16 January 2016 was lifted with immediate effect.

Clyde FC was reminded of its rights of appeal in terms of the Scottish FA Judicial Panel Protocol.

The club can confirm that it is satisfied with the ruling and has no intention of pursuing the option of an appeal.