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Christmas Draw Winners

Thu, 24th Dec 2015 4:15pm

The Clyde FC '12 Days of Christmas' draw has now ended, with the list of lucky winners shown below:-

  • 13th Dec: Teeth Whitening or facial augmenting - Mr C. Gorman, Condorrat (02652)
  • 14th Dec: Beauty treatment for two - Grace Carr, Kirkintilloch (00431)
  • 15th Dec: Ladies lunch at Cup's Tea Lounge for two - P Jeffrey, Greenhills (09012)
  • 16th Dec: Clyde FC match day sponsorship package for four - John Barrie (00891)
  • 17th Dec: Dinner for two in Glasgow - Mrs F. Wilson, Guthrie (06458)
  • 18th Dec: Clyde FC match ball sponsorship package for four - Ian/Rae, c/o Dave Swan (08162)
  • 19th Dec: Signed Scotland shirt - Gordon Main (08344)
  • 20th Dec: Dinner for two in Glasgow - Mrs Krystyne Inglis, Irvine (02219)
  • 21st Dec: League Cup Final tickets for two - Aileen Morrison, Muirhead (05560)
  • 22nd Dec: Scottish Cup Final tickets for two - Jemma P, c/o John Woods (07439)
  • 23rd Dec: Dinner, bed and breakfast for two at Westerwood Hotel & Spa - Christopher G, c/o Brian Murray (08425)
  • 24th Dec: Apple iPad mini 2 - Jacqueline White, Essex (07201)

Congratulations to all prize winners and thanks go to all those that sold tickets on the club's behalf.