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FFIT - Sign Up for 2016

Sun, 20th Dec 2015 5:11pm

Get fit, lose your belly and get behind the scenes at your local club - all for free.

Are you a man aged 35-65 years old? Is your trouser waist size at least 38 inches? Do you want to lose weight, have a healthier lifestyle and ultimately be fitter? Our 12 week Football Fans In Training (FFIT) programme can help you do this for free. You'll get a behind the scenes look at your club and be trained by selected club coaches.

Football Fans in Training  - Television Documentary

The main aims of the programme are:-

  • Increase knowledge of diet & nutrition
  • Improve lifestyle choices
  • Increase physical activity amongst participants
  • Reduce weight and waist measurements
  • Increase engagement in other physical activity

Sign up for January 2016

  • Venue: Broadwood Stadium
  • Time: 18.00 – 19.30
  • Start Date: Monday 1st February 2016

Please contact Tom Elliot at [email protected] or on 07549400357.

"I've always struggled to keep my weight down…On the FFIT programme, the weight began to fall off me purely by following the little hints and tips I was being given. No diet – just eating better and slowly becoming more active. By the time I had completed the course I had shed just short of two stone. I still feel I have a long way to go to get fit, but FFIT has given me the tools to do it!"

- Colin, previous FFIT Participant

"My fitness, my breathing, my food intake – everything has changed as a result of the programme! I went down to a size 32 jeans – it's been a long time since I was anything near this size. My eating habits have changed, my taste buds are still getting used to the healthier options but I am trying new foods. I am watching what I am eating now. I wasn't much of a drinker before but now I am comfortable with asking for a pint of water instead."

 - Scott, previous FFIT Participant