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Consistency is Key for Barry

Sun, 8th Nov 2015 5:38pm

Following yesterday's 3-1 win over Montrose, Clyde manager Barry Ferguson revealed that, despite being happy with the overall performance, he felt that there was still room for improvement.

Barry was keen to stress the importance of consistency from the team when he spoke at the post-match press conference:-

"I was happy for 75 minutes, but not for the first 15 minutes of the second half. The players baffle me at times, but it's my job to sort that out. Montrose scored a goal and it gave us a kick in the bum and we could have scored another three or four after that.

"I'm happy with the result and a lot of the game; in the first half we were different class and all over the top of them. We didn't start the second half well though and that's been happening to us all season.

"I'm delighted for the players though. We changed things a bit and pressed Montrose high up the park; the effort was there for everybody to see. That's never been in doubt but they just need to be a bit more consistent. That's my only complaint and not just today, all of the season.

"It's a mental thing, I know it's in them to do it but it needs to be over a period of time."

Scott Ferguson returned to the starting line-up and produced a much improved display. Barry was hopeful that it would signal the start of a positive change for the winger:-

"I gave Scott a proper talking to recently. He has all the ability but he needs to knuckle down, work hard and get fitter and stronger. He has obviously taken that on board. I've got a lot of time for him and I think he can play at a higher level, but the penny has to drop that he has to work seriously hard to get there.

"It's in him to do it and it was good to see today. He's worked really hard at training and done some extra work and that usually filters into a Saturday. That was the Scott Ferguson that I need to see week in, week out from now on."

The Clyde boss concluded by looking ahead to the next few weeks:-

"We're going to take one game at a time. We had to regroup after a difficult three weeks - last week was the start and today was the second step. We progressed another wee bit with that performance.

"The players know what I'm looking for and I'm going to demand a lot from them. People might say I am too demanding but that's just me and I believe we have a lot of ability in the team."

Picture by James Turnbull