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Fundraising Managers Appointed

The club is pleased to announce that James and Shirley Turnbull have been appointed to the joint position of Fundraising Manager.

The husband and wife team will join a newly formed Revenue Group.

James is already a familiar face at Broadwood due to his role as the club’s photographer and he is pictured here with Shirley and Clyde directors Gary Ballantyne and Bobby Gracey.

Bobby spoke to the official website about the formation of the Revenue Group and the move to appoint James and Shirley: “To ensure greater clarity and focus on delivery of key commercial and fundraising activities, including investor relations, the Board has decided that all of these areas should be managed via a single reporting function.

“It is clear that both James and Shirley have a real passion for the club and they want to work hard to improve upon our efforts in the critical area of fundraising. I’m looking forward to supporting them as they take over the reins from David MacPherson.

“On behalf of the club, I would like to go on record to publicly thank David for all of his efforts in recent years. Nobody really understands how difficult fundraising is until tasked with the responsibility. I also know that David will similarly be on hand to support James and Shirley in their new role.”

Bobby also shared that the club has received 15 formal applications for the vacant Commercial Manager position and that interviews will be commencing shortly.