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Club Statement: Pyrotechnics

Following comments made on social media about the possibility of pyrotechnics being taken to Annan, the club has been contacted by the police.

Whilst assurances have been given that the comments made were not intended to be taken seriously, the matter of pyrotechnics at football matches is now such a high profile issue, with real risk to life and property, that there is simply no room for anything other than a serious and unambiguous message.

The status of the game has now been classified by the police as “high risk” – this means an increased police presence and the prospect of searches prior to the match. Searches may also be carried out by British Transport Police for supporters travelling by train. The message is clear; anyone who carries anything to the match that poses a risk will face arrest.

The trip to Annan is one that is very popular with Clyde supporters for a host of good reasons. The visits are always enjoyable and Clyde supporters are warmly welcomed to Annan, as they always travel in good spirits. We expect that Saturday will be no different. We ask that all supporters go out of their way to make Saturday a success and deal with any increased security in the most positive manner.

The unintended consequences of careless comments on social media are nothing new, but even now Annan Athletic face increased costs for the match and our own future matches may be under increased scrutiny and similar costs arising if we are linked to this type of risk.

The costs and reputational damage are not the central issue, but they are now very real. Even in these circumstances where the likelihood of a serious incident is low, the impact of pyrotechnics at any of our games would simply be inconceivable and hugely damaging and must never become a possibility.