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Clyde Powerchair FC Make Their Debut

Sun, 22nd Sep 2013 8:00am

Clyde Powerchair FC make their debut today in the inaugural Scottish National Powerchair League. The Bully Wee will be fielding 5 teams: Clyde Claymores, Clyde Saltires, Clyde Alba, Clyde Caledonia and Clyde Lions.

The Bully Wee’s powerchair club now has 27 players and are based in two centres in Glasgow and Cumbernauld. Clyde Powerchair FC were the first ever powerchair club to be created in Scotland and are recipients of the prestigious Scottish FA award, 'Scotland United: Disability Award'.

The success of Clyde Powerchair FC inspired interest in Dundee, Falkirk, Aberdeen and Edinburgh and with general interest in the sport growing across the country, it made it a natural step for a national league to be formed.

If you want more information on powerchair or are interested in volunteering with Clyde Powerchair FC to support the growth of this sport in Scotland, email [email protected].