Club Statement: EGM Vote

With almost six weeks of discussion and debate behind us, all owners of Clyde, eligible to vote, have the opportunity to do so on what is being seen as one of the biggest decisions in the history of the club. Debatably, the biggest decision was probably taken in the thirties when Shawfield was sold; however, this certainly represents the biggest decision for its new generation of owners.  

There have been a number of facts shared, as well as some gaps which cannot be filled at this time. However, the board has attempted to address all reasonable questions raised and the owners will be as well informed as anyone could be when making this decision.

The debate has been necessary, albeit at times unavoidably divisive. The alternative is for decisions of this scale to be taken by a few, without consultation. At Clyde, that is not possible – the owners make the big decisions. The responsibility of ownership is enormous and the strength of the debate has shown the seriousness with which owners have embraced the issues.

For the resolutions to pass then a turnout of 50% is required; we have never had a turnout of that level before. Of those that vote then 75% require to back the resolutions, a very high hurdle.

Whether you choose to exercise your right to vote Yes, No, or abstain then you have the perfect right to do so. Having done so, the division that surrounds this process should be set aside so that no matter what the vote is, the club has its supporters behind it – this is not about individuals or personalities. If nothing else comes from this process, it has highlighted for all supporters where Clyde sit today and the challenging environment in which the club competes.

Unity might be a strange thing to call for at a club that knows its divisions all too well, but what this process has shown is that everyone is bound in a belief that Clyde is important to them or their family. If the vote is No, then no abandonment will assist the club. If it is a Yes, then there will be a long way to go before any final decision is made and similarly abandonment will not help the club, it would also be very premature. Either way, the outcome will be the constitutional will of the owners of the club, its supporters.

If you plan to vote but cannot make the meeting then please lodge your proxy. A high turnout is hoped for simply because it would be sad to have a matter like this suffer a low level of engagement, if you wish to spoil your ballot or proxy then that too is valid engagement.

The board has received some criticism for not proposing alternatives or indeed pointing up the potential challenges which must exist around such a proposal. There is a reason for that, every board member backs the proposal wholeheartedly and want to see Clyde prosper and reverse the years of decline.

This proposal can be the first step in that process.