Phil Backs Stef

Club director Bobby Gracey took time out to speak to the official website, following completion of the paperwork for the club’s first ever participant in the new player investment scheme:-

“I’m absolutely delighted that lifelong Clyde fan Phil Caplan (pictured, left) has stepped forward and secured the £5,000 investment opportunity to sponsor Stefan McCluskey for the remainder of this season and all of next,” Bobby said.

“In essence, Phil now stands to gain a cash windfall and receive 50% of any future transfer fee that we receive if, for instance, Stefan follows in the recent footsteps of Declan Gallagher who is now an SPL player.

“This investment model was introduced to assist the club with a deficit that currently exists in terms of next year’s player budget. Every single penny goes directly to the squad.

“I was pleased that finance director David Dishon shared this fact with our owners at this week’s AGM. The challenge is now set to all of us in relation to how the owners and the wider fan base can come together to make financial contributions that can directly benefit matters on the park, enabling us bring better players to Clyde FC.

“Whilst there are no guarantees in terms of success on the park, I have no doubt that the more financially competitive we become the greater our chances will be to get the club out of the Third Division.

“As owners of Clyde FC, we all have a shared responsibility to now work together on the next phase of our club’s recovery, which is to introduce a greater focus on improving first team footballing matters and creating a team we can all be proud of.

“The club is really keen to build up a wide range of investor relations and I would be similarly delighted to hear from our owners and fans if they have any personal or business contacts who may be interested in supporting the fortunes of The Bully Wee.

“I can also share that we have recently concluded negotiations with another Clyde FC owner, who has snapped up Gavin Brown as part of the player investment opportunity. We’ll be announcing details of that in the near future.”

Bobby can be contacted at and is keen to hear from those wanting to get involved in supporting the player budget, or with any other fundraising ideas to be considered.