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Willie O’Neill Appointed

Clyde FC is delighted to confirm the appointment of Willie O’Neill to a new role within the club that will see him provide operational and strategic leadership to all football activities out with the first team.

Reporting directly to Jim Duffy, Willie is keen to build on the successes and establish the highest professional standards within Clyde’s Pro Youth and Schools of Football in Cumbernauld and Toryglen.

While working with the club’s existing coaches on a day-to-day basis, Willie will also have the responsibility to review and enhance current activities. In partnership with the Board and other volunteers, he will also identify potential development opportunities to increase the Bully Wee’s presence in the community.

Willie’s enthusiasm, drive and determination to succeed has already been evidenced as he has volunteered behind the scenes for several months. In talking to, he was keen to stress that he wants to continue to lead, encourage and inspire others in his role as he becomes more involved with The Bully Wee.

The official website will keep you updated on developments in this area.