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Grand Prize Draw Results

Thu, 9th Aug 2012 11:25pm

The club is delighted to share with Bully Wee fans the results from this year's successful Grand Prize Draw.

The draw uniquely allowed individuals and the business community the opportunity to gain high profile coverage on the famous Clyde strips and, of course, associated commercial packages.

The winners and prizes awarded are as follows:-

  • 1. Away strip sponsor (tangerine) - Ful-ton Forklifts
  • 2. Away strip sponsor (black) - O'Neill Interiors
  • 3. Rear home top sponsor - Clyde Refrigeration
  • 4. Rear away top sponsor (tangerine) - Mouth Cancer Action
  • 5. Rear away top sponsor (black) - Nypro/David Dalziel
  • 6. Home shorts sponsor - Ceartas Advocacy/John Taylor
  • 7. Away shorts sponsor (tangerine) - Ellsworth Adhesives
  • 8. Away shorts sponsor (black) - Turnkey IT Solutions
  • 9. Warm-up tops - David Dishon
  • 10. Match ball sponsor - Petrus Creative
  • 11. Match ball sponsor - Frank Dunn
  • 12. 4 executive club season tickets - IFIC Forensics
  • 13. 3 executive club season tickets - O'Neill Interiors
  • 14. 2 executive club season tickets - Ellsworth Adhesives
  • 15. 5 adult season tickets and 5 kids season tickets - David Miller
  • 16. 4 adult season tickets and 4 kids season tickets - Paul Kelly
  • 17. 3 adult season tickets and 3 kids season tickets - CSB Surveillance
  • 18. 2 adult season tickets and 2 kids season tickets - Alan Davis

Clyde director Bobby Gracey said, "The club would like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who participated in this year's Grand Prize Draw and our challenge will be to make it even bigger and better next year!

"This income is vital to our ongoing development and will help the club in our quest to assist Jim Duffy in attracting the best players to Clyde FC.

"The board also looks forward to welcoming new friends/business partners to Broadwood on matchdays."