Jim Demands Total Commitment

Jim Duffy spoke to the official website this afternoon and was frank in his views of Saturday’s game and with regards to building a squad for next season:-

“Prior to the Montrose game we had spoken to nine players with regards to the possibility of retaining them for next season, but after what I can only describe as a debacle on Saturday, all talks are on hold and all previous contract offers have been withdrawn.

“Getting beaten is one thing but the lack of a determined attitude by the squad was the biggest concern. Saturday’s performance was not about a lack of ability, it was about mental attitude. In recent weeks we have matched teams like Alloa, Stranraer and Peterhead and then we produce a really poor performance like that.

“Due to that performance, question marks are now raised in my mind. If I sign the players I had spoken to previously then what can I expect? Players are duty bound to give total commitment in every game. I will now take my time and consider all options and if I decide to contact any of the nine players I will do so in my own time but I need to be assured of their total commitment to Clyde.

“We had an opportunity to finish the season well, maintain our good form and continue our positive performances of late. It would have been significant for the club to finish 8th; a further sign of progression and a result that would have given everyone a boost. Unfortunately, the players did not take any of that on board.

“I’m not going to lose any sleep over the matter. The difference now is, that whereas before I had in my mind nine squad places filled, all places in the squad for next season are up for grabs. I have an open book as to who to sign and the current squad are in competition with every other player now.

“From the club’s point of view nothing has changed as we were always looking to strengthen within the framework of the budget available. We were looking to add at least one goalkeeper, a centre back, two strikers and some creativity in midfield and that work continues. However, if someone now approaches us in any position I will consider them as opposed to saying that that position is taken.

“I’ve rarely felt as angry and frustrated after a match as I did last Saturday, but the decision I have since made was not done in the spur of the moment. It came after a period of reflection and I believe it was – and is – the right thing to do.”