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IFIC Forensics Sponsor Home Shirt

Mon, 16th Apr 2012 9:54pm

International Fire Investigators and Consultants (IFIC Forensics) today announced that they will be sponsoring the club's home shirt in season 2012-13.

Bobby Gracey, Chief Executive Officer at IFIC Forensics said, "We are absolutely delighted to be building a commercial relationship with Clyde FC and feel that this association will have great benefit for both parties. Scotland is still at the heart of our International business and we look forward to working with all of the people at Clyde FC.

"Clyde FC is known for its community and family values and this is an area that very much appeals to our own traditions and business ethics. We are very supportive of Clyde's ambitions and growth and we look forward to introducing Clyde FC to our customers across the UK in the insurance, loss adjuster and legal sectors. We are hoping that season 2012-13 will be a great success for both IFIC Forensics and Clyde FC."

Gary Ballantyne, Clyde FC Commercial Director said, "We at Clyde FC welcome this wonderful opportunity to build a long-term and successful commercial relationship with our new sponsors IFIC Forensics. We have been extremely impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism demonstrated by IFIC Forensics throughout our discussions and final agreements to our partnership for the forthcoming season; and hopefully for many seasons beyond.

"We hope to forge a strong bond from our sporting culture and community involvement with our new business partners through shared visions and business developments. To be associated with a prestigious organisation within their highly specialised field of business is a privilege and we will look forward with delight to seeing their logo very soon, proudly emblazed on the famous Bully Wee home shirt for next season."

Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, IFIC ( founded in 1970, is an innovative and leading global forensic investigation organisation providing professional cause and origin solutions in relation to fires and explosions in commercial, industrial and marine environments. Its services are delivered to the insurance, loss adjusting, and legal sectors. In addition, IFIC regularly provides expert Court witness on behalf of our various clients. IFIC provides coverage to the UK and Ireland markets from prime locations in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin.

Pictured above, IFIC Forensics CEO, Bobby Gracey (right) formally handing over next season's new-look home strip to Clyde FC Manager, Jim Duffy. Also pictured is Clyde FC Commercial Director Gary Ballantyne.

Pictures courtesy Kenny Ramsay