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Fantastic Five Complete Walk

Despite yesterday’s disappointing result for Clyde, there was one favourable outcome from the day as provided by the fifth annual sponsored walk from Shawfield to Broadwood. 

At around 9.45am five hardy souls – Stuart Robertson, Hunter Miller, Gordon Sydney, Gordon Nisbet and John Taylor (pictured left to right) – set out from Shawfield Stadium. With help from favourable weather conditions, all five were reported back at Broadwood at 2.15pm… leaving enough time to enjoy a quick pint before kick-off!

Of course the last part wasn’t applicable to young Hunter, not thirteen until November. The youngest ever person to have done the walk took it all in his stride and while the four ‘more mature’ walkers were just happy to make it to the Stadium (and the bar!), Hunter was off for a kickabout with his mates on the adjacent pitches!

Event organiser, Gordon Sydney said: “I’m delighted to say we have raised around £750, which is a tremendous amount given the circumstances.

“Having said that, I’d really like to reach £1000, which would really make it a worthwhile effort. So, in recognition of our efforts, particularly young Hunter, why not make a donation via the online donation facility and let’s see if we can reach the magic £1000 mark.”

Well done guys and if you can, head to the online donation page to contribute to the total.