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Stuart Returns as Club Chaplain

Mon, 29th Aug 2011 11:25pm

Former Bully Wee player and local man, Stuart Coleman has returned to the club in the capacity of club chaplain.

Stuart has had close links with the club in recent times, through hosting the 90 Minutes show on Revival FM and participating in club events such as the 'Fans v Fans' match.

He spoke to the official website about taking on a more formal role:-

"Being a former Clyde player in the mid-90s and having lived within the Cumbernauld area for most of my life, I'm excited and privileged at the prospect of being involved with the club in this capacity.

"I'm here to be a help, support and encouragement to everyone connected with the club. Along with the support of my church, we will provide the services you may associate with a chaplain, such as counselling and advice on a range of issues - in strict confidence.

"If I can be of any help to anyone associated with Clyde, whether practical or spiritual, then I ask them to not hesitate in approaching me via [email protected]."

Stuart will be backed up in his role by local Pastor Jim Gibson from the Freedom City Church, Cumbernauld. Jim will undertake any formal duties such as services, marriages, funerals etc with Stuart carrying out the week to week chaplaincy duties.

The role was encouraged through Mark Fleming, Scottish Director of SCORE (Sports Chaplaincy Offering Resources and Encouragement). Clyde were previously the first club in Scotland to have a chaplain but when the post became vacant it was not filled. However since that time the number of clubs in Scotland with chaplains has grown to 24. SCORE, through Mark, also participates in the UEFA coaching licence course at Largs each year, explaining the role of a chaplain and encouraging future coaches and managers to make use of this free service.

Clyde FC community & volunteering director, Gordon Thomson added, "We're delighted to have Stuart on board. He is a 'well kent' face around the club and is ideally suited to this role.

"This move is further evidence of the club not just focussing all of its efforts on the first team, but  rather offering additional services for all at Clyde who choose to use them whether they are a supporter, player or staff member."